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About Us

Mahi Maioro Professionals provides technical and programming support for mauri-based taiao assessments and other engineering consultancy services to Iwi and Hapū clients and other organisations.

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Ngā Tāngata


Dr. Kēpa Morgan (BE, MBA, PhD, FEngNZ )

Kēpa and his whanau are flourishing on traditional lands, Haumingi 10a2b Papakāinga, on the southern shores of Te Roto I kite ai e Ihenga I ariki ai a Kahumatamomoe. Current research focuses on ecosystem impact assessment and empowering Iwi in relationships with regional and
local government. Research includes culturally sustainable roading/water
supply/wastewater/stormwater infrastructure, mauri o te wai, Pohewa Pae Tawhiti land use change communication framework, rail corridor impacts, mauri monitoring, geothermal development framework, safe to fail wastewater reticulation, climate change impacts, assessments for
sustainable dairy and sustainable forestry, marine spatial planning, and creating new maramataka-based understandings of mauri.

Dr. Oliver McMillan (BE(Hons), PhD)

Olly (Ngāti Porou) is an environmental engineer with expertise in contaminated land investigation and remediation, and the use of indigenous decision-making tools. He completed a
Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) at the University of Auckland, where his research involved impacts of Rotoiti water level management on Mauri. He then completed a PhD at the University of Cambridge, which focused on developing biochar as a tool for remediating contaminated soil in a sustainable way. He has recently returned to Aotearoa after two years in Canada, which included investigating land contamination throughout country, and projects with First Nations to develop community-led environmental monitoring and decision-making programs.


Jade Kameta

Jordan Chaney

Robyn photo_edited.jpg

Dr. Robyn Manuel
(BSc, MSc (1st), PhD, DipTe Reo Māori, PGDipPublic Health, GradDipTeaching (Secondary))

Robyn and whānau live on traditional lands (papakāinga) located at Te Rotoiti i kitea ai e Ihenga i ariki ai a Kahumatamomoe. Robyn has recently joined Mahi Maioro. She has a background in Chemistry and Environmental Science however more recently is a secondary school teacher of Mathematics. She has previous experience teaching and using the Mauri Model while lecturing at the University of Auckland.

Our Approach

We provide services that rely on research-informed assessments of impacts in real time, which include worldview bias and communicate multiple realities simultaneously. Our approach is guided by the Aashukan Declaration and the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP). Together, these ensure that our work meets the following principles:

  • Indigenous Peoples' Rights are the foundation upon all discussions, which includes territorial rights and the right to self-determination.

  • Relationships are based on humility, respect, reciprocity, community empowerment, sharing, mutual learning and sustained long-term engagement.

  • Processes achieve clear communication, transparent decision-making, and inclusive and are founded upon the worldview of the Indigenous Peoples who are impacted.

  • Outcomes are multi-faceted and oriented towards mutual benefits, a commitment towards the prevention of harm, and the enhancement of the wellbeing of Indigenous Peoples based on their own definitions and criteria. 

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